What the BEC? New Brunch Sandwiches Cause Controversy in NYC


BEC, which stands for “bacon, egg and cheese,” is a new breakfast-sandwich spot in Chelsea that angered The New York Times’ food critic Pete Wells even before it opened. He was not keen on trying an haute version of the classic sandwich. The brunch crowd, however, did not seem angered by BEC. Last weekend, its cozy dining room was packed; there were people standing outside, too. I tried one of their signature offerings, the BEC Classic Junior (which did not seem junior at all to me- it was pretty big), and I liked it. True, the eggs were fried instead of scrambled, and the doughy “mini Pugliese roll” is not the traditional choice of bread, but it worked. I’m intrigued by their “Spicy Spaniard” sandwich, featuring eggs, serrano ham, manchego cheese, pickled jalapeños, and tomato compote. It sounds like I’ll need to take a Zantac for that.

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  1. Qué rico! Sandwich para varias veces al día. Me encantó

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