Delicious, fresh Italian ice cream in NYC

Delicious, fresh Italian ice cream in NYC

It’s hard to savor anything when it’s 15 degrees outside. Or maybe that’s just me. But the good news is that Savoring New York has ended its winter hiatus. And it did it with ice cream- how else? For the first time in 2015, I was in the mood for an ice cream cone this week, so I headed to Gelato Giusto, a lovely new shop in Chelsea that serves delicious, ultra-fresh ice cream made fresh every morning. Their ingredients are carefully selected and ingeniously combined. I loved the ginger lime gelato and the pistachio sorbeto. You won’t find the same flavors every day, and sometimes they even run out of ice cream in the afternoon! It’s been just two months since their opening, and they’re already quite popular- I fear there will be a line in the summer. The original Gelato Giusto was opened in Milan by Vittoria Bortolazzo, a graduate of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu pastry academy.

Ooh, vaniglia! They also serve good drip coffee, espressos, lattes, and sell Lurisia Italian sodas.


Gelato Giusto; 164 9th Ave.; 212-647-1111

(photos by Savoring New York and from Facebook)

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  1. Muy buena recomendación! Trataré de ir pronto. Bye!

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