Care for a flat white? Head to NYC’s Bluestone Lane

Have you seen the miniseries Top of the Lake? It’s a fantastic murder mystery set in New Zealand, starring the talented Elizabeth Moss (Peggy on Mad Men) and the even-more-talented Holly Hunter. Anyway, Elizabeth Moss’ character orders a lot of “flat whites” at the local coffee shop. I had never heard of this drink before, and naturally I was curious. It turns out that the flat white is a cross between a latte and a cappuccino, and it’s damn good. To avoid alienating any baristas, I’ll try to explain it a bit better: a flat white is actually neither a latte nor a cappuccino; it is made with a specific layer of foam that lies between the heated milk on the bottom of the milk pitcher and the airy foam on top. It’s a denser, milkier foam. There’s some disagreement about the origins of this tasty invention, but apparently it was born in the 1980’s in either New Zealand or Australia- or perhaps they telepathically thought of it at the same time.

In the last couple of years, the flat white has invaded U.S. coffee shops- even Starbucks started serving it in January! One of my favorite places in New York to get a true flat white, made by actual Aussies, is Bluestone Lane cafe in the West Village. This relatively new mini-chain has a winning combination: stylish interiors that remind you of the beach, flavorful coffee drinks, and a short but sweet menu of sandwiches, salads and pastries. Try the Brekkie Board, which as we learn in this Bon Appetit article, is a hearty yet healthful Australian breakfast.



2 thoughts on “Care for a flat white? Head to NYC’s Bluestone Lane

  1. Mmm qué rico!! Parece hasta sentirse el olorcito al humeante café cuando lo describes!

  2. No puedo creerlo! Qué emoción!! Al fin recibo un blogloving tuyo. Qué bien que escribes! Voy a probarlo en Starbucks, que otra me queda?

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